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A community of business professionals, collaborating to accelerate local business growth.


Build Long-term trusted relationships.

Connect with experienced professionals. Talloo members are more than just people talking over coffee, we are driven to grow our business and help our peers succeed. We celebrate successes and learn through our challenges together.


Be present.

People build trust when they spend time together, collaborating, laughing, sharing meaningfully. From a young age we learn that those who play together build stronger bonds. This is why we create ample opportunities to connect and engage to stay top-of-mind and relevant.

A local community that shares what is going up, closing down and moving in.

Curated local business news focused on the information that surfaces opportunities.

A single source for local business activities. Know when and where to be, before it happens.

Private groups enable trusted referral relationships to discuss the opportunities of the day.  Share documents, links, text and photos with your referral group.

Discover, connect and engage local professionals. Never lose a number, email address or location address again.

Public and private messaging enables members to chat through news and issues. Talloo is social networking, not social media.


Community.  News.  Calendar.  Groups.  Directory.  Messaging.  Lead Engine.

This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.


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