Let's make a better Local Business network. 

We Know People.

Talloo is a radically different business network. We combined the best parts of traditional, face-to-face networking with an online platform that brings the local business community together. Come on in, we're excited to meet you.

Reinventing the Business Network.

We are local - everywhere.

Talloo is a location-based business network that helps you discover local relationships that grow your business. Get a live feed of business news as it happens around you.

In-person and online

Most business operates locally serving customers within a few miles or even a few blocks. Talloo opens access to local meetups full of motivated professionals in your community.

CHoose Your Plan

At Talloo we don't sell ads so it's up to you to post great content that gets noticed. Use Talloo for free or join to gain access to additional features.. 


What should I expect at a Talloo Meetup?

Talloo Meetups accelerate trust.

Our 1-on-1 style means you spend quality time in each Meetup with a new connection. You may start out as strangers, but you part ways as trusted partners.

Gain valuable market insight.

We'll begin by discussing local business news and then open the floor to address your business needs. Members always rally to support and encourage each other.

Network wherever you work today.

Some people simply can't break away from the day's business. The Talloo app puts the presence of the local business network right in your hand. Engage in-between customers, or when you can find the time.

A few of the many Companies who network with Talloo.